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REVIEW: Angus Gill “Departure & Arrival”


Australian Independent Country Music Award winner Angus Gill has released his newest album. Departure & Arrival is a collaboration between Gill and the Paul Kelly Band. It is a powerhouse of an album. Beyond this, here’s what we think of it!

Angus Gill Has Chords Fit For Success

Throughout our listen-through of Departure & Arrival, we were simply enthralled by Angus Gill’s vocal prowess. Gill’s is a voice fit to charm, regale, and, perhaps most thrillingly, allow people to escape their worries for a time. It is clear that the Paul Kelly band has the assist here, but the lyrics take us far away from the hustle and bustle of life, and into a poet’s stories. From “Little Green Man” to “April Fools,” Departure & Arrival gives us the escapism we often desire so vividly. Other songs in this album take a similar role, but those two specifically really did this for us.

Departure & Arrival Contains Multitudes

Here are some of the songs from Departure & Arrival that stood out most to us for this review:

  • “April Fools,” the opening track, was a strong storytelling track, as mentioned in the previous section of this review. It is a song about unrequited love and the consequences of broken trust, and that’s seriously relatable for many.
  • “You Wouldn’t Steal A Heart,” the second track, is a successful effort to subvert the old memetic anti-piracy PSA about how “you wouldn’t steal a car.” It is witty but also heartfelt.
  • The fourth track on Departure & Arrival, “Little Green Man,”‘is a touching song about a father’s love for his daughter. It feels as though Angus Gill will have touched upon the heartstrings of many Country-inclined fathers with this track.
  • The album’s final track, “I’m Just Gonna Grab A Sandwich,” is a humorous shift from the rest of the album. It’s darkly smooth and breaks out from the rest of the album through its beat and rhythm. It’s quite possibly going to be a favorite for many listeners.

Our Verdict Of Angus Gill’s Departure & Arrival

Angus Gill’s newest album is quite good. I was at first surprised to hear that this Americana album was done by an Australian, but my concerns about this were laid to rest very quickly once I heard the music itself. His chemistry with the instrumentalists of the Paul Kelly Band seems impeccable. In the end, Departure & Arrival makes me look forward to listening to more of Gill’s body of work.

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