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REVIEW: Rhiannon Giddens “You’re The One”


Rhiannon Giddens’ prodigious musical talent is on full display on her latest album You’re the One, her first full-length effort that contains all original songs (of which she wrote or co-wrote). Storming through the eleven songs and brief instrumental outro with a subtle fury, Giddens sings about love gone wrong and its heartbreaking aftermath, unbridled love that has gone right and positively transformed the individuals involved, the dangerous and vulnerable places and positions that women occupy in this world, feminine strength that refuses to yield, the always-evolving need for social change, the mesmerizing glory of sexual attraction, and the need to hope for the future while we celebrate our present lives.

Highlights from this exceptional collection include the fierce and bold “Too Little, Too Late, Too Bad,” the exuberant and soaring titular track, the anthemic and powerful love tale “Yet To Be” with guest vocalist Jason Isbell, the defiant and saucy “If You Don’t Know How Sweet It Is,” the provocative and sobering “Hen In The Foxhouse,” and the bawdy and raucous “You Put The Sugar In My Bowl.” Throughout all of the songs on this record, Giddens effortlessly traverses and blends folk, bluegrass, blues, jazz, zydeco, and soul to create a distinctive sound all her own.

Undeniably one of the greatest musical geniuses of our time, Giddens adds to her stellar resume with this album. For the uninitiated, I encourage you to visit her website to discover all that she has achieved over the last few years as her accomplishments are too numerous to mention here in this forum. Suffice it to say Giddens is an artist who exists and creates on a different level from most other artists. To listen to her voice, instrumentation, and song delivery is to audibly experience the sound of superior talent and a living breathing all-time great who will only get better as time progresses.

You’re The One by Rhiannon Giddens will be available on her website this Friday, August 18th.

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Rhiannon Giddens: minstrel banjo, modern banjo, viola, vocals; Dwayne Bennett: Hammond B3, additional keys; Eric Escane:, electric guitar; Terrence “Teajai” Grizzle Jr.: drums; Humberto Ibarra: percussion; Eryn Allen Kane: background vocals; Tadarius “T Ray” McCombs: electric bass; Dirk Powell: accordion, piano, fiddle, guitar; Niwel Tsumbu: nylon-stringed guitar; Francesco Turrisi: piano, tamburello, piano accordion, frame drum; Jack Splash: percussion, guitar, drum programming, Rhodes, Wurlitzer; Jason Sypher: upright bass; Jason Isbell: vocals on “Yet to Be”; Lalenja Harrington: background vocals on “Way Over Yonder”; Leyla McCalla: cello on “You’re the One”; Amelia Powell: triangle & background vocals on “Way Over Yonder”; Gene Sxip Shirey: National Reso-Phonic guitar on “Hen in the Foxhouse”:  String arrangements on “Wrong Kind of Right”, “Who Are You Dreaming Of”, “You’re the One”, “If You Don’t Know How Sweet It Is” by Lester Snell Jennifer Puckett: Yennifer Correia, Andy Yum: violins; Beth Luscome, Aaron Tubergen: violas; Jonathan Kirkscey: cello; horn and flute arrangements on “Too Little, Too Late, Too Bad”, “Wrong Kind of Right”, “Another Wasted Life”, “You Louisiana Man”, “You Put the Sugar in My Bowl”, “Yet to Be” and “Who Are You Dreaming Of” by Jack Splash; Ted Zimmerman: trumpet; Scott Klarman: saxophone, flute; Jose Miranda: trombone.

Produced by Jack Splash



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