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Song Premiere: Jared Dustin Griffin “Sweet Ol’ Loneliness”

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Jared Dustin Griffin –  “Sweet Ol’ Loneliness”

Americana Highways brings you this premiere of Jared Dustin Griffin’s song “Sweet Ol’ Loneliness” from his forthcoming album Battle Cry Mercy. Battle Cry Mercy was produced by  Brian Brinkerhoff and Frank Swart; mixed by Matt Wenegar and mastered by Justin Weis.

“Sweet Ol’ Loneliness” is Jared  on vocals and acoustic guitar; Frank Swart on bass and electric guitar; Greg Morrow on drums; Eamon McLoughlin on fiddle and mandolin; and Jabe Beyer on background vocals.

The first thing that’ll strike you when listening to Jared Dustin Griffin is the low baritone tremor of his vocals.  It lends an element of gravitas to the song, which in this case, is an additionally profound song about something we often try to avoid discussing.

Loneliness is a disease that I don’t think gets talked about enough, and this song represents my war with the disease.

This song was written on Valentine’s Day 2020 and I got all dressed up to go out with my other single friends, but an encounter with a happy couple drove me into the recesses of my house and a bottle.

The ensuing battle with myself, with worthiness, birthed this song. — Jared Dustin Griffin

Find more information on Jared’s music and tour dates here: https://jareddustingriffin.com/



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