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Song Premiere: Wreckless Strangers “Grace of God”

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Wreckless Strangers – “Grace of God”

Americana Highways is hosting this premiere of Wreckless Strangers’ song “Grace of God” from their forthcoming EP Orange Sky Dream. Orange Sky Dream was produced and mixed by Dave Way (Whitney Houston) and recorded by Sean Beresford.

Austin de Lone wrote the “Grace of God.” Musicians on the song are Amber Morris on vocals; David Noble on lead guitar; Joshua Zucker on bass; Austin de Lone on keys and vocals; Mick Hellman on drums; and Rob Anderson on guitar.

This is a song about holding on and making it through, and its message is delivered with a bluesy confidence that’ll get you feeling that everything is fine and will continue to be just fine, one way or another. Groove with the powerful electric guitar jams and the request to consider seriously: “How can who we are cause such hate?  … it’s just a matter of fate….”

“Grace of God” was written with the idea of creating a Jimi Hendrix like riff and a rocking song. It was written quite a while ago when I was working a lot in San Francisco, and would frequently come out of a club late at night to find a homeless person or two, hoping for a cigarette, or some money. I became friends with some of them. I liked them, and often thought of what a struggle they had, and how many people just ignored them. I thought about how powerful and mysterious the force is that sends us down different paths in life! “Grace of God” was great fun to record, with three guitars rocking it live, and the rhythm section driving it so hard! – Austin de Lone 

This song will be available on July 28.  You can order, pre-save, and listen here at this link: http://ffm.to/graceofgod

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