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Video Premiere: Lisa Reagan “Wild Geese”

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Lisa Reagan – “Wild Geese” (poem by Wendell Berry)

Americana Highways brings you this video premiere of Lisa Reagan’s song “Wild Geese” from her forthcoming album What We Need Is Here, due to be available on August 25. What We Need Is Here is Lisa’s musical arrangements backing classic poetry, and this song’s lyrics are the poem by Wendell Berry, as it is also the album title.  The album was produced, arranged, and mixed by Jamshied Sharifi and mastered by Andy Vendetta. Strings and woodwinds were recorded by Alejandro Venguer and conducted by Jamshied Sharifi; vocals were recorded and produced by Marc Copely, and the piano was recorded by Antonio Oliart.

“The Wild Geese” Lisa Reagan on vocals; Séamus Egan on whistle; Christopher Layer on Uilleann pipes; Paul Woodiel on hurdy-gurd; Kirsten Agresta Copely on harp; Peter Godart on piano; Jamshied Sharifi on keyboards and bass; Mark Copely on acoustic guitar; Benjamin Wittman on percussion and The Satori Winds.

The video was directed and produced by Gil Gilbert.  The video’s dance sequences were choreographed by Karen Gayle.  The song is beautiful but the video then adds an extra dimension to the artwork.  It essentially turns a decades old poem into a performance novelette.  The whistle, the strings and the whole arrangement is breathy, timeless and mournful, the dancers are fabric in the wind personified, the footage is fantastic and the entire enterprise is mesmerizing.

I love that “The Wild Geese” conveys the beauty and wisdom of nature. It shows that the answer to our peace as humans is all around us. We just have to open our eyes and look at what is right in front of us. — Lisa Reagan

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