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Video Premiere: David Dondero “Sandsculpture Tombstone”

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David Dondero – “Sandsculpture Tombstone”

Americana Highways presents this video premiere of David Dondero’s song “Sandscupture Tombstone” from his forthcoming album Immersion Therapy, due to be released on August 18 via Fluff and Gravy Records. The album was produced by David Dondero, John Shepski and Juniana Lanning.

“Sandsculpture Tombstone” is David Dondero on vocals and guitar; Juniana Lanning on backing vocals and sound effects; and John Shepski on piano and bass.

The video was created by David Dondero. The very concept itself of a sand sculpture tombstone is overflowing with imagery and meaning for the transitive nature of life regardless of tributes and memories.  David channels this concept into a song with very memorable imagery, scattering ashes in the sea, sea turtles, trying to light a wet cigarette.

I ran into a family in mourning on the beach in Sanibel Island, Florida. Before Hurricane Ian.

They’d built a sand sculpture tombstone for their father who died of covid. They were waiting for the tide to wash it into the sea. I was moved by what I saw and turned it into a song.

I contacted Baldrick Buckle, a man whom I believe to be the world’s greatest sand sculptor and asked if I could use his name in the song. I was granted permission. The song also refers to the great photographer Hiro, who shot the album cover for the Rolling Stones Black n Blue. It happened on Sanibel Island, very close to the spot I saw the sand sculpture tombstone Perhaps it was Robert Rauschenberg who drew them there? The man who painted Door. A nearby resident who lived in a house on stilts over the water. It all fit into the tropical land of sea turtles and eggs but eventually washed into the sea, while the little baby dragons clung to the trees.. — David Dondero

Find the music here: https://daviddondero1.bandcamp.com/album/immersion-therapy


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