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REVIEW: Rachael Sage “The Other Side”


Rachael Sage – The Other Side (MPress Records)

Rachael Sage has a new album, The Other Side, which was produced by Rachael with Mikhail Pivovarov and Andy Zulla; engineered by Mikhail Pivovarov and mixed by Andy Zulla. 

Eerie at times in their blunt authenticity, Rachael Sage’s crafted songs in minor keys with slight dissonances are wrapped in breathy swirls of beauty. Rich trills, strings, and easy rhythms round it all out.

“Whistle Blow” is a depth of honesty. Rachael touches the heart of things “in the middle of the night I can hear your voice saying don’t look back, you have a choice.

The title track promises that on the other side of all this, beyond the garden of evil and good, is an angel’s kiss, such bliss. Trumpet and even a little wah wah punctuate this one as it builds.

“No Regrets” is the sweetest, purest song on the album, and was written by Rachael and her Dad. “I love ripples in streams / And the wildest dreams / I love a cool root beer brew /
And darling I love you.”  

“Butterflies at Night” (dedicated to Hugh McGowan) is slightly lighter fare with acoustic guitar. “I met a man with a heart of mystery… I knew you’d leave me like butterflies at night.”’

“Breathe”  (by Maria McKee & Gregg Sutton) really showcases Rachael’s intriguing vocal ranges and intonations.  “I Made A Case” includes Howard Jones on gentle guest vocals. “I made a case for you to love me but you disagreed….” Sorrowful endings, a broken heart rejected, violin and trumpet and piano.

Rachael Sage is an artist and her songs are diverse creations. Instruments fade in gently in turns and cascades, she’s a true original.

Find more information here: http://rachaelsage.com

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Musicians on the album are Rachael on vocals, piano, tambourine, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, Wurlitzer, percussion, Rhodes, harmonium and Jupiter 8 synth; Kelly Halloran on violin, claps, gang vocals and background vocals; Andy Mac on drums, shaker, electric guitar, percussion, claps, gang vocals and tympani; Doug Yowell on drums, tambourine, and percussion; Mikhail Pivovarov on bass; acoustic bass, baritone guitar and OP-1 synth; James Mastro on resonator guitar, electric guitar, slide acoustic and baritone guitar; Kevin J. Killen on Hammond organ, organ, and piano; Dave Eggar on cello; Russ Johnson on trumpet; Rob Curto on accordion, organ and Hammond organ; Bryan Wilson on cello; Jack Petruzzelli on electric and acoustic guitar; Nick Beggs on upright bass; and Ward Williams on cello.



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