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Song Premiere: Roselit Bone “Cryin’ in the USA”

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Roselit Bone – “Cryin’ in the USA”

Americana Highways presents this video premiere of Roselit Bone’s song “Cryin’ in the USA’ from their forthcoming album Ofrenda, which will be released on August 25, 2023 via Get Loud Recordings. Ofrenda was produced by Charlotte McCaslin and Collin Hegna as it was recorded at Sleepers Mountain and Supernatural Sound. It was engineered by Collin Hegna, David Pollock and Charlotte McCaslin; mixed by Collin Hegna and Charlotte McCaslin at Revolver Studios; and mastered by Gus Elg at Sky Onion. All lyrics are by Charlotte McCaslin and all music was by Charlotte McCaslin and Roselit Bone.

“Cryin’ in the USA” is Charlotte McCaslin on lead vocals and electric guitar; Brian Crace on backing vocals and electric guitar; Victor Franco on backing vocals and acoustic guitar; Faith Grossnicklaus on violin; Tobias Berblinger on bass; Jordan Vale on organ.

The video was directed, filmed and edited by Charlotte McCaslin. It stars Victor Franco, Joe Benassi, Charlotte McCaslin, Russ London, Faith Grossnicklaus, Brian Crace, and John England-Fisher.  Matching red bodysuits and a truckload of ennui characterize this video and the song itself as it delves into the stresses that emerge from being pulled into the spotlight after a prolonged period of rest and unwinding.  Quirky but entirely honest.

“Crying in the USA” is a patriotic anthem for a country that doesn’t want to exist anymore. I wrote it at the height of the pandemic when live music seemed gone forever, and many people were laid up with fear watching the collapse unfold on their phones. It often seemed like there was nothing to do but sleep or cry. I was listening to a lot of dancey 80’s and 90’s country as an escape, wanting so badly to inhabit that world, knowing that it probably never existed outside of the songs themselves.

I directed, shot and edited the video myself. I happened upon some matching red bodysuits at a thrift store, and formed my vision for the video around them. I shot everyone against a simple white background, letting the band members’ personalities and varying levels of true discomfort guide the narrative. It captures the chaos of having all of us in one room together, at this pivotal moment where we are emerging from isolation and depression, about to tour a lot, and apprehensively preparing to be “performers” again. — Charlotte McCaslin

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