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Video Premiere: Phil Gammage “Message From the Grave”

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Phil Gammage “Messages From the Grave”

Americana Highways brings you this video premiere of Phil Gammage’s song “Messages from the Grave” from his forthcoming album Redeemed, due to be available this fall.  The album was produced by Phil Gammage and engineered by Brent McLachlan at 30 Below Studio in New York.

“Message From the Grave” is Phil Gammage on vocals and acoustic guitar; and Johnny Young on keyboards.

The video was produced by PreFab International Ciné and filmed in New Orleans, LA. It stars Phil and Albany, NY based actor/musician Michael LaPorte. Cinematography and set design were by Green Kill.  Phil frequently crafts throwback 50’s style songs, and for this one the video is combined with some noir footage and haunting imagery to support the song of grief and missing a lost loved one.  Very authentic.

“Messages From the Grave” is about the struggle a man has with his haunting memories of a loved one that is now deceased. He sits at her desk drinking whiskey and sorting through her old photos and poems. He reflects on his memories of her and questions who else would still remember her poems that he feels are timeless. As the song progresses, the nameless man falls further and further into melancholy and despair. Finally, overcome with emotion and the effects of the alcohol, he passes out at the desk and begins to dream about her.

To be specific, the poet is a woman named Velma who lived in New Orleans and passed away in the 1950s. I found her photo at antique store in upstate New York and it inspired me to co-write and record the song. Though she and her story are fictional, the photo I have of her was signed by a real Velma. I created a song for her photo.

This recording is a collaboration with Hudson Valley poet David Schell and NYC based keyboardist Johnny Young. Johnny took a musical sketch that I wrote, ran with it, and created a hypnotic and captivating aural soundscape that fits the words of the song perfectly. ~ Phil Gammage

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