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REVIEW: Miles Miller “Solid Gold”


Miles Miller – Solid Gold (Thirty Tigers)

Miles Miller is on the rise with his new album produced by the elusive Sturgill Simpson Solid Gold. He’s been a touring drummer with Town Mountain, Tyler Childers, and Sturgill Simpson and this summer booked tour dates supporting Tyler Childers. Listen and see why.

Delicious slide in a Duane Allman style and vocals & lyrics that clutch at your heart pop right at the beginning and immediately you can see why this cat is going places.

The title track is laid back with an easy tempo but the guitar playing by Laur Joamets (Drivin’ n Crying) and the pure genuine vocals by Miles are anything but. “Gotta get on back to you and let my sins unfold” add the layer of sexiness to complete the vibe.

“Don’t Give Away Love” continues the Southern Rock vibe with slide by Joamets and heavy rhythmic piano by Mike Rojas (Tyler Childers) that rocks out like Richard Manuel. Miles’ beseeching “No no no don’t give away love” ends in more slide and this could almost be a long lost song by the Band.  

“Passed Midnight” is a soothing love song and at this point Miles even shows off a little bit of James Taylor style vocals.  “A Feeling Called Lonesome” echoes similar sentiments as you are soothed through sleeplessness and that feeling of being an outsider.  

On listening to the songs on this album, over and over again something is tapped at the back of your mind and for a moment you’ll think you know this song from somewhere, and maybe even start singing along in spite of yourself. Miles gives us songs of easy near-familiarity that access our collective unconscious.  Every song on the album feels classic. It’s uncanny.

The album was engineered by Sean Sullivan and mastered by John Baldwin.  Musicians on the album are Miles Miller on acoustic guitar, drums, vocals; Laur Joamets on electric guitar; Dave Roe on bass; Mike Rojas on piano; and Mark Howard on acoustic guitar. 

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