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Song Premiere: Kelsey Rae Copeland “Tennessee Weeper”

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Kelsey Rae Copeland – “Tennessee Weeper”

Americana Highways is hosting this premiere of Kelsey Rae Copeland’s song “Tennessee Weeper” from her forthcoming album which is due to be released this fall.  The album was produced by David Gideon and engineered by Mark Thornton, with Kelsey Rae as executive producer.  It was recorded at Side Kick Sound Studios in Madison Tennessee. 

“Tennessee Weeper” is Kelsey Rae Copeland on vocals and rhythm guitar; Mark Thornton on additional acoustic guitar; Chris Scruggs on upright bass and Andy Gibson on steel guitar.  Grieving has a special poignancy that Kelsey Rae has picked out and identified in this song, where the lyrical protagonist’s words are those from her brother who passed away, supporting her in her grief.  An original and sorely needed perspective, and a beautiful song.  

It was coming up on 10 years since my brother passed and in grief, there’s this unspeakable timeline where one is left feeling like this unimaginable pain is invincible. Writing “Tennessee Weeper” was the only way I felt I could communicate to my brother and what I imagine his response would be. “I see you, sister, I hear you weeping. I’m so proud of you for fighting thru the pain. Keep moving on. Yes, this journey is dark and lonesome; I’m here with you. — Kelsey Rae Copeland

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