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Song Premiere: David Newbould  “…And We Made It To Another Sunset”

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David Newbould — …And We Made It To Another Sunset

Americana Highways is hosting this premiere of David Newbould’s two song digital 45  …And We Made It To Another Sunset.  The two songs on the 45 are “Nobody Knows” and “Milwaukee,” and will be available on May 5. 

 …And We Made It To Another Sunset was produced, engineered and mixed by David Newbould with assistant mixing by Billy Harvey.  It was mastered by Alex McCollough of True East Mastering. 

The sole musician on the songs is David Newbould in vocals, guitars, drums, bass, percussion, organ, and Casio.  A digital 45 evokes memories of 45 records and also as a twosome, it evokes the harmony of the duo, the pair, the partnership in its two songs in tandem.   “I can’t be told that everything I uncover ain’t solid gold, David sings in “Nobody Knows, followed by “Nobody seems to know / What it’s like to bear the burden / A mind that just unfolds / In a way that no-one else does.”  At its root, it’s about the rare connections with someone who understand you immediately. In “Milwaukee” we are confronted with a difficult reckoning: “I just can’t imagine the surprise it was / Finding out your baby wasn’t what you wanted / Or what you thought you wanted / We all had one big old reckoning in Milwaukee,” and luckily with some processing “we made it out in the end.” Deep down underneath it all is a bittersweet glimmer of optimism a la David Newbould. 

These two songs came out of a place I couldn’t revisit. You only get these once in a lifetime moments once. Even if it wasn’t easy, I’m glad I was able to get them down. If they’re able to connect with people, that will feel like real life. Thank you Americana Highways for premiering this work. —  David Newbould

You can listen and pre-save the music here:  https://smithmusic.ffm.to/662582954623

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Listen to the first song,”Nobody Knows,” right here, and the second song “Milwaukee” will play right after it:



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