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Song Premiere: Sarah Morris “Hello, My Name Is”

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Americana Highways is hosting the premiere of Sarah Morris’ song “Hello, My Name Is,” from her forthcoming album Here’s To You!, due to be released on May 5. Here’s To You! was produced by Dave Mehling, mixed by Jason McGlone and Holly Hansen. 

“Hello, My Name Is” is Sarah Morris on vocals, guitar, and piano; Dave Mehling on piano, organ, pedal steel, accordion, synth, guitar, and percussion; Thomas Nordlund on acoustic and electric guitar; Andrew Foreman on upright and electric bass; and Lars Erik Larson on drums and percussion. 

Sarah Morris’ vocals are precise and nimble as she invites us into an introspective dreamscape with “ooo, ooo, ooo, ooo,” and “do you hear an invitation to maybe shed the skin that hides your deeper truth?”  Nicely put together as she builds to a passionate crescendo, the tension breaks and it’s glorious. 

“Hello, My Name Is” came out of an attempt to sift through a thatch of feelings I experienced so often in the post-lockdown reemergence – when the question of ‘who am I now’ kept bubbling up as I returned to previously familiar situations. Inspired by a writing prompt from a songwriter group I belong to, the word ‘BADGE’ led me to that moment when you enter a large gathering and you’re asked to grab a marker and tell everyone your name. Mostly written on a run, I was surprised to finish writing it on the piano (that’s maybe a once-a-year-thing for me). I love the way Dave Mehling’s production honors the original rough demo I made for the songwriting group (the oohs, the rudimentary piano part I came up with), and also creates this dramatic sonic arc – the way the band HITS in the 4th verse is one of my favorite moments on the whole record. — Sarah Morris

You can pre-save the album here:

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