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Video Premiere: Bumpin Uglies “Cover Me Up”

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Americana Highways is hosting this premiere of Bumpin’ Uglies interpretation of Jason Isbell’s song “Cover Me Up,” from their forthcoming album Live at Sugarshack Sessions Vol. 2 , which is due to be released on Friday April 21 via Sugarshack Records and Ineffable Music. The band will also be releasing an acoustic album this fall.

Although the Bumpin’ Uglies are a larger band for the rest of the EP, and historically a reggae and ska band, this version of “Cover Me Up” is Brandon Hardesty on acoustic guitar and vocals, and Liz McBryde on violin.

The video was recorded live at the Sugarshack in Bonita Springs, FL. It was directed and edited by Eddie Kopp. Justin Kaczmarek was director of photography and colorist for the video.

If you were a reggae and ska band, how would you cover this fan favorite song of Isbell’s?  Would you stay close to the emotion of the original, or turn it upside down?  If you were taking a turn into Americana music, it might be different still. The Bumpin’ Uglies treat this one gently, with vocals that are youthful and disarming and sound a bit like indie folksters like Passenger.  All set on a back deck in a diluted visual setting that we can all relate to.

 “Cover Me Up” has been a favorite of mine since I first heard it, but it really became special to me when I sobered up a few years ago. Making a life in music is extremely challenging. Making one while not drinking is even more challenging, while also being a bit easier, if that makes sense. The temptation is everywhere, but the clarity that comes with it helps me cut through the bullshit. I know Jason was newly sober when he wrote it, and to me, it feels like it’s a song about redemption. It’s a very special song to me and it makes me feel very deeply. I love to sing it. – Brandon Hardesty

Order the music here:  https://ineffable.to/bumpinugliessugarshack



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