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Song Premiere: Jax Hollow “Only The Wild Ones”

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Jax Hollow — “Only The Wild Ones”

Americana Highways is hosting this premiere of Jax Hollow’s song “Only The Wild Ones,” the title track from her forthcoming album.  Only The Wild Ones was recorded at Sound Emporium and Sienna Studios.  It was produced by Evan Frederiksen, Jae Sims, and Joe Trentacosti; co-produced by Juanita Copeland; engineered by Evan Frederiksen and Joe Trentacosti with assistant engineering by Joanna Finley. Vocal arrangements were courtesy o Evan Frederiksen and Jae Sims and the tone squad was Michael Vance and Eddie Haddad.  It was mixed by Jonathan Roye.

The album will be released on May 5th.  The song will be available on April 20.

“Only The Wild Ones”is Jax Hollow on lead and acoustic guitars and vocals; Jae Sims on vocals; Tim Galloway on electric guitar; Lex Price on bass; Matt King on drums and percussion; and Serena Z on violin.  Bright, crisp and with a little shaker, this song opens just like a sunrise.  Melodies on acoustic strings and clear vocals round out the hopefulness of Jax Hollow’s latest endeavor.

I wrote “Only The Wild Ones” during the holiday season, working as a guitarist/singer on a cruise ship. It was my first Christmas away from home, and I was contracted for the whole winter season. I was feeling depressed, homesick, and anxious about the future. It started as a sweet simple riff, and the words really came together quite quickly.

I was reflecting back on childhood, teen years and all the little memories/ things you did and shouldn’t have gotten away with – yet still survived. Sharing grand ambitions over underage drinking and a bonfire… sleeping in the back of a car that’s older than you are… living every day just throwing paint at the wall.

I realized I was very fortunate to have that kind of restless freedom growing up in Western MA. The song is really just a few snapshots of those moments. Sometimes it feels like there are just a selective few who understand the “why.” Putting pen to paper… Trying to “make it in music” (when the odds of success are 1/100000)… Sleeping on floors, bottom of a bus, (even in a dog bed too). It began to feel like I was part of a reckless club that not many people understand. — Jax Hollow



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