New Songs on the Road Map – March 2023

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New Songs on the Road Map — March 2023

Here’s a monthly roundup of only a small handful of the very beautiful and interesting new songs that crossed our path over the past weeks:

Janis Ian “Hills of Tuscany.” Lifetime Achievement Award Winner for Folk Alliance, and this is her cover of Eric Andersen’s song for the recent tribute album. This is just silly beautiful.  Enjoy our review of Janis Ian’s album here: REVIEW: Janis Ian “The Light at the End of the Line” and discover more about what she’s currently up to, here: http://janisian.com


Mike Frazier “Give You My Light.” Lyrics like “I will love you ’til the planets collide” are thoughtful and pensive as the song examines mortality and love. It’s very expansive with a hint of Neil Young style harmonica, and well worth a listen.  Find  his album and more information here https://mikefrazierva.bandcamp.com


Graeme Jonez “100 Days Deep”

This is some gritty, hand slapping blues. “My eyes, said the raven” and the song gets darker. It’s possible to be on the road too long, and this song distills that feeling to its essence. Follow Graeme Jonez here:  https://www.instagram.com/g_m0neyyyyyy/?hl=en


decker.  “Sea Change.” decker. has some notably, uniquely flowing vocals, and buoyed by violin the song is quite compelling. Listen and then find more on his website here:  https://www.deckermusic.org


Lydia Luce “Face and Figure.”  Layers of instruments take their time and then soar like a flock of birds taking flight around Lydia Luce’s hushed, sweet, storytelling tones.  A holy place.  “I’m not a face, I’m not a figure, I’m not a number….”  Hypnotic and thought-provoking.  https://www.lydialuce.com


New Songs on the Road Map – March 2023


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