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Dina Layzis & Artem Tenkeli “Call It Love”

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Americana Highways brings you this lyric video of Dina Layzis & Artem Tenkeli’s song “Call it Love.” The song was produced by Rich Fayden and mastered by Colin Leonard at SING Mastering in Atlanta, GA.

Lyric video footage was shot by Malika Shlykova with photography by Viktoria Margolina.

Artem’s song arrangements and piano playing are skilled and relatable while Dina’s vocals soar.  Some of us tell ourselves we will never be in love, and this song by Dina & Artem celebrates that glorious lucky feeling that happens when it takes up by surprise.  If we’re lucky, that is.

“Call It love” was the first song we created when we were separated by the Atlantic Ocean and a time difference of 8 hours. We just wanted to try to create something together for fun not expecting anything at all. To our surprise we found a melody rather quickly and began to build a piano arrangement. Our musical similarities and differences came together as if we had worked together for years. Inspired by the result, we decided to compose more and more, plunge deeper into the process and create together. We knew we were breaking the norms of current music but decided to stay true to what we really wanted to write. We didn’t know what to expect as an audience response, but when it started climbing the radio charts and we started receiving feedback that people were actually entranced by the novelty and unusualness of the material – we knew we were doing something right. — Dina Layzis

Find more information here: https://www.dinalayzis.com/



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