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REVIEW: Jake Pinto “Sad Songs For Happy People”


Jake Pinto has released a new album, Sad Songs For Happy People (Mother West).  It was produced by Jake with additional production by Jeff Citron and Jeff Silverman, engineered by Jeff Citron, Jake Pinto and Miles Francis (Will Butler, Antibalas); mixed with additional production by Ed Spear (Brandi Carlile, Lady Gaga), and mastered by Tom Rogers.  This is music in the indie folk category, with splashes of the jazz influences Jake studied for some time. 

“Gone” starts out the album by taking up a Beatles-esque style as Jake cries “I didn’t want to leave,” and the lyrical message is the cries of heartbreak. “Sit and Listen” leans on piano for a poppy arrangement, and this one is a happy song “all I want to do is sit and listen.”  “Home” has a punchy and slightly grungier rhythm, but with shiny tambourine over the top of the mix.  

“Whatever Happened” again pays homage to the Beatles with a melodious and harmonious catchy music base, but, with Jake’s signature melancholy delivered in juxtaposition to the bouncy music.  “Best That We Can Be” is another wistful song of regrets set over a throwback pop style, and it’s clear where the album title came from.  

Overall the songs are compelling as pop songs from a bygone era, which puts them in a more nostalgic category than what contemporary pop fans expect.  And the amalgamation of catchy late 60’s pop styles with somber lyrics give this album its unique appeal.

Musicians on the album are Jake Pinto on vocals, piano, keys, acoustic guitar, guitar, drums and bass; Dillon Treacy (Alto Palo, Amber Mark)on drums; Harrison Keithline on drums; Tim Kuhl (Margaret Glaspy) on drums; Michael Harlen on bass, guitar, and  backing vocals;
Dylan Aiello (Elizabeth and the Catapult) on backing vocals and guitar; Tyler Kaneshiro on trumpet; Steven Salcedo on baritone and tenor saxophones; Nadav Nirenberg on trombone; Patrick Sargent on tenor sax; Miles Francis on drums, bass, guitar, percussion, and horn orchestration; Javier Ramos on percussion; Alyssa Grey on violin; Elyadeen Anbar on guitar; Devon Yeberger on piano and backing vocals; and Melody Rabe, Jeff Citron, The Rad Trads, Clyde Lawrence, and Rhys Tivey, on backing vocals. 

Find more information and links to order the music here: https://www.jakepinto.com

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