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Song Premiere: Ellis Paul “55”

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Americana Highways is hosting this premiere of Ellis Paul’s song “55” from his forthcoming album ELLIS PAUL 55, due to be available on June 9 via Rosella Records.  The album was produced by Ellis; engineered, mixed, and mastered by Mark Dann at Mark Dann Studios, Woodstock with additional recording at Rosella Studios in Charlottesville, VA. 

“55” was written by Ellis Paul who plays acoustic guitars and vocals; Laurie MacAllister on background vocals; Radoslav Lorkovic on piano and keyboards; Mark Dann on bass; and Eric Parker on drums.  Ellis Paul has a vocal tone on the soft side but embed with the richness of Burl Ives.  With that as the backdrop, this song takes you through a very real reflection on being of a certain age, and the memories of items and practices that have been retired to the annals of history.  Nimble and provocative.  

I wrote “55” as I was about to turn 56. I was thinking about all the trends I’d out-lived. Highway maps. Milk Men. 8 track tapes. I was also thinking of how lucky I have been. And all the mistakes I’ve made in my life that could’ve got me killed. Drinking. Late nights. Strange situations with strange people. Why am I still here? And all these things and trends and inventions are gone? And then the pandemic came. It swept away millions of people including friends and heroes like John Prine. Why am I still standing? And then love, how many times has that nearly broken me. But it swings to the positive— the last verse and how my daughter could “kill me with just a smile, she could break me just by crying”, and how am I gonna survive all that? I wanted this to feel like a live track— Radoslav played a beautiful solo break and piano throughout. Laurie MacAllister lifts the song with an angelic chorus harmony. Eric Parker gives it that beautiful shuffle beat. – Ellis Paul

Find more information and the music here: https://www.ellispaul.com


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