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Song Premiere: Julie Christensen “Goldbridge Road”

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Americana Highways is hosting this premiere of Julie Christensen’s song (written by Michael Moss) “Goldbridge Road” from her forthcoming album The Price We Pay For Love.  The album was produced and arranged by Terry Lee Burns and Julie Christensen with additional arrangement by John Scofield.  It was recorded and mixed by Terry Lee Burns at SongSpeak Studio in Rio Rancho, New Mexico with additional recording by Jono Manson, Mai Leisz, Steve Schwelling and Michael Moss, and Julie Christensen.  It was mastered by Tony Axtell.

“Goldbridge Road” is Julie Christensen on lead vocals; Terry Lee Burns on acoustic bass and string arrangement/production; Michael Moss on acoustic guitar and songwriting; Steve Schwelling on drums and percussion; and Sergio Webb on slide acoustic guitar.  A soft intro with gently dark acoustic guitar slide twists form the foundation for this song.  We delve into memories of times we lied, lived, and things we experienced and escaped in our youth that are all just memories now, including the places they happened. It’s also about lasting connections and friendships and the twists and turns they take along the way.  Close your eyes and press play.

This album is about longtime relationships of every kind. My old friend Michael Moss, who I’ve known since my coming-of-age-in-Austin days, sent me this song. I was floored, and thrilled to be able to sing a song of his. He’s been writing a long long time. Here’s what he says about Goldbridge Road: “I used to have a funky farmhouse in the country just outside of Austin where great friends like Julie would come for lazy afternoons away from the city. So much laughter and music. I hear it now. Sadly, the house burned to the ground about 6 months after I moved with my teenage daughter into town. Guess I picked the right time to move on. I drive by that place on a regular basis, still drawn to those sweet memories – a pull that just won’t let go of me.’Where roots run deep and memory sleeps.’ That little 3 acres is now nothing but cedar trees, weeds, and cacti. You’d never know we were there.” Michael and I are each parents of adult children and that parent bond is of course for life. It’s a beautiful rocky winding road. — Julie Christensen

Find the music here: http://juliechristensen.bandcamp.com

and here: https://orcd.co/pricewepay

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