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Song Premiere: Alicia Blue “Believer”

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Americana Highways brings you this premiere of Alicia Blue’s song “Believer” from her forthcoming album Inner Child Work (pt. II), set for release on March 17.

Inner Child Work pt. II was produced and mixed by Lincoln Parish; engineered by Jordan Logue and recorded at Talk Box Rodeo. It was mastered by Ted Jensen for Sterling Sound.

Musicians on “Believer” are Alicia Blue on vocals and guitars; Ben Greenberg on lead guitars and background vocals; Jason Goldstein on keys; Ryan Ladd on bass and organ bass pedals; and Max Meizlish on drums.  Dreamy and melodic with an indie pop guitar loop and pulse, Alicia Blue draws you in to reflect on unlocking the mystery of being human.

“Believer” is a song for when the dust settles. It’s the twilight of mind that occurs after the confusion is over. It’s what is left, after a storm, which is also very human in this case. Reckoning with the cynic within, compassion towards what has hardened over time, but still a hopefulness for the future. Lincoln presented a hypnotic guitar loop, and it had a soothing quality to it that gave me permission to say the admissions I did. A kind of confessional poet sort of thing i.e I’m callous but I feel good/I’m soft on the inside cause nothing feels the way it looks. Feels right that it’s one of the last tracks to come out for Inner Child Work. Clarity, rawness,and humility as a result of so much war within. — Alicia Blue

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