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Song Premiere: Chris Williams and Kid Reverie “Dappled Grey”

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Americana Highways presents this premiere of Chris Williams and Kid Reverie’s song “Dappled Gray” from their forthcoming release Something From Nothing, scheduled for release on March 3. All songs on the album were written, produced, recorded and mixed by Chris Williams and Steve Varney (aka Kid Reverie), and it was mastered by Steve as well.

All instruments were played by Chris Williams and Steve Varney.  Take a listen and find out why this song is considered the favorite one of the album by each half of the duo. Rich string sounds (guitar and violin) reach out like the first rays of dawn, with gentle piano and then the vocals begin — with shadows dancing for you, “take off that heavy coat, it’s weighing you down … still all those second-hand fortunes rise and fall.”  “maybe I’ll…. burn down the candles….” within a long ambient jam section with high piano plucks like rain blending with soaring, lightly echoey vocals.

This is a favorite of mine and Steve’s. It was the most experimental track we worked on together. It meanders gently from the start with swells and valleys, conveying a sense of uncertainty while matching the story line for line. That is the amazing thing about music; the emotion that it can evoke from a listener who had no plans on being dragged in. As we told the story, working out the chords and cadence on acoustic, we let the momentum dictate what came next. — Chris Williams 

Don’t tell anyone but I think this is my favorite. The process of writing it was a blast. We challenged ourselves in a few new ways, including a long musical section that was MUCH longer than we expected and a static electronic beat holding it all steady. It was very much an unexpected success. — Steve Varney

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