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New Songs on the Road Map — December 2022

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New Songs on the Road Map — December 2022

Here’s a monthly roundup of only a small handful of the very beautiful and interesting new songs that crossed our path over the past weeks:

Dan Reeder, featuring Todd Snider “The Moon Tonight.” Dan Reeder is known for his blunt realism, but this latest applies that style in an old-timey, low harmony, storyteller’s song.  It really is a co-creation and a cross-pollination with Todd, and should be at the top of your “must listen” list.  Find their new album and more information here:

Johnny Epperson  “Always the Bad Guy.” This song’s message is wrapped in bright shiny harmonica, not the mournful kind, and bright acoustic guitar and a song that sounds like hope despite people trying to bring him down in the song.  Discover more about his new album Under The Speedway Sky and more information here:

Under the Rug “Lonesome and Mad.”  This is a folk rock style song.  It reaches the highest vocal heights with passion and purpose, followed by thoughtful electric guitar noodling and more beseeching vocals.  In that way it follows the very landscape of a heart.  Find their new music here:


Waves on Waves featuring Ciley Mirus “Dead or Alive.”  This is buildup with moody piano into the no-win situation of the human condition.  Tangled in a dark web….  Find out more information and links to listen at their bandcamp page, here:

New Songs on the Road Map — December 2022

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