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Song Premiere: Barrel Flash “Riding Away”

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Barrel Flash

Barrel Flash photo by Amy Atzel

Americana Highways is hosting this premiere of Barrel Flash’s song “Riding Away” from their forthcoming album, A Guide to Dancing Alone. The album was recording and edited with mastering by Reid Kruger.

“Riding Away” is Julia Brown on vocals; Ross Johnson on vocals, acoustic guitar and harmonica; Priscilla Thomas on bass and vocals; Reid Kruger on drums; and Mandy Fassett on cello.  Lonesome harmonica and country style folk harmonies open the song, and riding away alone under the big wide open skies pops up immediately. With their hushed and gentle arrangement, Barrel Flash captures the very essences of what it is to feel lonesome.

“Riding Away” evokes the vastness and loneliness when you are suddenly all alone. The northern winter plains are an analogy for the emptiness of loss; why things are what they are. If you’ve ever been there, you know what it means. — Ross Johnson

This song came about from a challenge – the task was to write a song in less than 72 hours, and a prompt was ‘bicycle’. Ross had a rough concept, and Julia polished arrangement and lyrics to make it a jewel. A deadline can be a good thing now and again! The restrained harmonica, cello and blend of voices in the recorded version transported it to a whole new level.

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