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Video Premiere: Dan Israel “Happy For Now”

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Dan Israel – “Happy For Now”

Americana Highways is hosting this video premiere of Dan Israel’s song “Happy For Now,” from his recently released album Seriously. Basic tracks recorded at Sparta Sound by Rich Mattson; Additional recording at It’s a Secret in Minneapolis by David J. Russ; Mixed at Sparta Sound by Rich Mattson; Mastered by Tom Garneau

“Happy for Now” is Dan Israel on vocals, acoustic and electric rhythm guitars; David J. Russ on drums and vocals; Mike Lane on bass; Steve Brantseg on lead electric guitar; and John Eller on piano.

This video was created by Dan Israel with editing assistance from Steven Cohen. Enjoy the homemade authenticity. Cats walking on piano keys and live gig footage.  “I could beat myself up today … gonna try to be happy for now.” Try to be happy. It’s a universal that Is sorely needed now, and Dan Israel delivers the reminder with easy roots rock style

“Happy for Now” is about trying to feel good in the “here and now,” even when it seems like everything is collapsing around you in the world, and the things that bring joy in your personal life can be tenuous and fleeting too, no matter how hard you try to make the good times last. I’ve dealt with depression and anxiety for my whole life – and I feel like I usually have it under control right now, but this song is also acknowledging the reality that the “script can flip” mighty quickly sometimes – so, more than anything else, it’s a reminder to myself to try to enjoy the present, even if that little voice in the back of my mind is saying “yeah, that’s all great, but will it last?” Well, listen up, little voice – I don’t know, and you don’t either, so let me feel good…for now, anyway.  – Dan Israel

Find more information and get ahold of the music here: https://danisrael.bandcamp.com/album/seriously

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