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REVIEW: Sean Keel “a dry scary blue”


Sean Keel released an album this year, a dry scary blue. The album was produced and engineered by Gabriel Rhodes and mastered by Chris Burns. The album came out with relatively little fanfare by this Texas artist, but is more than well worth the listen.

If you like haunting, cracking, raw honest vocals and quietly delivered, aching songs of the truth, you can’t miss this one.  

In the opening song, “corn palace,” you’ll be grabbed by hushed profound lines: “Whatever man you’ve come to look for, I’m not him.” And “if you ask me, the sun has gotten thinner… nobody bales these days, they roll.  It’s quick and its easy but it wastes so much hay.  Why’d we have to spend so much money gettin’ married in the palace….” 

“the flower” is gentle piano plucks and the opening line “she was young when she stopped floating.”

“hill of three oaks” is poetry of nature and sunshine and the unseasonal cold in May.  “how to they know it’s time to let go” and you’re off in sorrow and tears.  “two coins” there’s still a payphone left, watch him pick up the receiver and put in too coins.  Keel is a master of imagery.  

“his mouth so red” is Ben Montano on the instruments and “I hate the West” also takes a different direction and features Nora Predley (from Bill the Pony and Large Bruch Collection. 

This album is one of the very best uncovered gems and the rarest of pleasant surprises this year.  It’s not exactly a road trip album, because you’d find yourself slowing down and leaning forward to listen to every word.  It’s more of a listening-when-you’re-alone-in-the-house album.  Find and enjoy the music here: and look for the band Bill the Pony, of which Sean is a member, as well.

Musicians on the album are Sean Keel on vocals; Gabriel Rhodes on piano, keyboard, acoustic guitar, bass and electric guitar; Ben Montano on acoustic guitar and keyboard; Nora Predley on bass, vocals and drums.

All music and words on the album were written by, and all singing is courtesy of, Sean Keel
except for: “His mouth so red,” which is vocals by Ben Montano (who also plays the instruments on this one); and “i hate the west” with Nora Predey on vocals and instruments.


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