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REVIEW: Bob Davoli “Still Sitting Backstage”


Bob Davoli has a new album out, Still Sitting Backstage (Gutbrain Records). Still Sitting Backstage was produced by Bob Davoli, and engineered and mixed by Eric Kilburn of Wellspring Sound.  It was mastered by Toby Mountain of Northeastern Digital.

Still Sitting Backstage has a personal narrative feel; it’s Davoli on the perspectives and hopes of love and dreams as time has moved us beyond those we hold in our youth.

Lovely fiddle melodies open the first song, “Last Chance Road”: “I heard that the wildflowers never grow old.” The title track with its line: “I’m way past middle age, still longing for center stage” is the confessional heart of the album.

“Fallen King of the Cool,” is campfire style fiddle and lonesome dobro, and then Davoli’s imagery about a black bomber jacker, a pompadour and a bad boy persona.  “Follow Our Muse (to the Truth)” is “all my life I fought to survive, but, I longed to thrive” and a high lonesome song of regrets.

This album was recorded at Wellspring Sound Studio by Eric Kilburn. Music and lyrics are all originals by Bob Davoli. Musicians on the album are Bob on guitar and lead vocals; Kathleen Parks on fiddle and harmony vocals; Kevin Barry on dobro, electric guitar and lap steel; and Jesse Williams on string bass.

Cover art and musician photos are by Ben Kingston, with layout and graphic design by Chris Kelly. Davoli plays a James Olson guitar, Model SJ.

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