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Video Premiere: Teni Rane “Meet Me in Stockholm”

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Americana Highways presents this video premiere of Teni Rane’s song “Meet Me in Stockholm,” from her forthcoming album.  The music was produced by Roger Gustafsson and Teni Rane; engineered and mastered by Roger Gustafson.  It was recorded and mixed at Sandkvie Studios AB with additional mixing and mastering at SteelFabriken.  The photo is by Jess Astacio.

“Meet Me In Stockholm” is Teni Rane on lead vocals and acoustic guitar; and Roger Gustafsson on bass, steel guitar, and acoustic guitar.

The video was shot, edited and produced by Teni Rane.  What’s it feel like when you’re 4500 miles from the one you love?  It’s a certain kind of lonely laced heavily with longing, that’s accurately captured by Teni Rane’s song, the music, and the video too, with its footage of solitude.  “Meet me in Stockholm” in the summertime.  In the meantime, the lovers can write letters and daydream.  

For me, there is always a duality – that feeling of mourning and melancholy even in the most beautiful places and during the most unique experiences. Especially when I am alone in that experience or place. I have a deep desire to share experiences with others and sometimes struggle to rest in an experience that I am having by myself.

When I found myself living abroad in Sweden for 5 months away from family and from my future spouse I felt pulled so much towards a feeling of loneliness in each amazing sunset, each incredible blue sky summer day, each tantalizing whiff of apples in the autumn air. It took me a long time to learn that I could hold that loneliness and the aloneness together in the same body at the same time. And that aloneness has so much space and joy and openness itself. “Time away” and “distance from” play a key role in this bi-lingual invitation to a steady friend and lover to Meet Me in Stockholm. This song was born to ease the emotion of being in a place and opportunity that was incredible and special and once-in-a-lifetime, and still wishing for my best friend to be there beside me sharing it all.

When recording “Meet Me in Stockholm” I leaned into the melancholy melody lines of the song. The long sustaining cries of steel and electric in the background complement a melodic bass that reflects the marching forward of time through whichever emotion is present in the moment.”

What I really wanted to capture visually is the melancholy and the waiting that can feel endless when you’re missing someone. I wanted to capture that and contrast it with the cozy opposite of being back together finally after the waiting. There is such an interesting difference for me between doing nothing when I am by myself vs doing nothing with someone that I love. I’m still learning how to be alone without feeling lonely and also trying to make space for feeling and recognizing when the loneliness creeps in. — Teni Rane

Find more intromation here: https://tenirane.com and also here: https://linktr.ee/tenirane

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