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Video Premiere: Love Me In the Dark “Riding Wind”

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Americana Highways presents this video premiere of Love Me in the Dark’s song “Riding Wind,” from their recently released self-titled album. This song was written by Steve McCormick and Heather Donovan.  Love Me in the Dark was produced by Steve McCormick; recorded by Steve McCormick and Johnnie Burik at McCormick Audio, Los Angeles CA; mixed by Johnnie Burik; and mastered by Ron Boustead at Resolution Mastering; with some additional engineering by Kevin Smith.

“Riding Wind” is Steve McCormick on vocals, guitars, mandolin, and bass; Heather Donovan on vocals; Eric Heywood on pedal steel; Michael Jerome on drums; Phil Bass on cajon; Stewart Killen on percussion; and Peter Fox on Hammond B3.

The video was directed and edited by Seanie Blue; and stars Maya Nelson Wolfsdottir, with Sophie Holt as well.  Flinty harmonies will send chills down your back when Love Me in the Dark start to sing, and you can feel the landscape rushing by on this perfect road trip song.  And the video’s gorgeous and sometimes whimsical footage carries the song’s intention to a “t.”

Imagine you are on a road trip through the American West, under an endless sky. You’re flying down the road with your lover in a cool vintage automobile with your hands out the window, carving through the air. That is the feeling Love Me in the Dark is trying to convey with their song “Riding Wind,” from their debut album also entitled Love Me in the Dark. The video features the breathtaking photography and cinematography of Seanie Blue, and stars Icelandic muse Maya Nelson Wolfsdottir. — Steve McCormick

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