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REVIEW: Jason Erie “Tiny Fires”


Jason Erie has a new album released this year that you really need to know about:  Tiny Fires. Tiny Fires was produced and engineered by Brett Ryan Stewart (Wirebird Productions) with some additional engineering by Sam Ventura. It was mastered by Frank Gagliardi.

The title track alone puts this album into running for best album of 2022. The lyrics are wave after wave (after wave after wave) of profundity.  “There’s a stranger in this house.  Even the dog knows something just ain’t right.”  “Outside of this house the whole world’s turned upside down, I hear they’re lightin’ tiny fires and no one’s trying to put ’em out.” And “Darker skin’s a crime again, here’s to America the ugly.”

In “Amazon” we get the splash of water in the face line: “even god’s been shopping on Amazon, you best bow your head and pray.”

“Bathtub” opens with electric foreboding, and “half your life has no meaning, and I’ve formed a habit of making my toast at the edge of the tub,” and you’re hanging on each word waiting for the tale to unfold.  “Darlin’, I don’t want to leave you behind,” and you’ve got the runaway shivers.

In “Runaway Heart” you are “up against giants, aim between the eyes dear, everyone’s got a weak spot” and its advice to a daughter.

Later in the record “Sins Of My Father” dives into early 70’s thoughts of the Vietnam War, dark family happenings and “home is just an empty husk full of dreams that never were.  While you can’t choose your family, they sure as hell can make you hurt.”

Everything about the songs, the lyrics, the easy arrangements with just the right balance, plus a nuanced touch you just can’t quantify, is an Americana feast.  Don’t miss out on this one or you’ll be denying yourself one of the great ones.

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Find more information, music and tour dates on his website here: https://www.jasoneriemusic.com

Musicians on the album:

Jason Erie – lead and backing vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, production
John Dennis – electric guitar, backing vocals
Austin Hoke – cello, strings
Luis “Slice” Echeverria – keyboards, organ, piano
Dave Coleman – electric guitar, slide guitar
Charlie Chamberlain – lap steel, mandolin, banjo, additional guitar
Ernie Escalera – bass guitar
Chris Benelli – drums, percussion
Chris Brush – drums, percussion (tracks 1,5,6, 11)
Alex Ricchiuto – Drums (track 7)
Graciela Jean – backing vocals
Rosemary Fossee – backing vocals
Anana Kaye – backing vocals, additional piano
Dick Aven – tenor saxophone, alto saxophone, horns
Irakli Gabriel – additional guitars

The cover features photography by Kristin Indorato, and was designed with artwork by Coralee Wilson.

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