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Song Premiere: George Shingleton “Alive”

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Americana Highways brings you this premiere of George Shingleton’s song “Alive” from his forthcoming album due to be released next year. The song was written by  Bruce Wallace and George Shingleton and produced by Dave Pahanish.

Musicians on “Alive” are George Shingleton on vocals; Dave Pahanish on acoustic guitar; Shawn Fichter on drums; Rachel Loy on bass; Shane Sanders on lead guitar; Jefferson Crow on keys; and Kristin Lee Pahanish on background vocals.

We had a chance to sit down with George Shingleton and chat about the song and more.  The song premiere appears just beneath the interview.

Americana Highways: “Alive” is really fantastic. What is the story behind it and what inspired you to write it?

George Shingleton: The inspiration for songs like these always leads to my wife, whether it’s on purpose or by accident. This particular song was more by accident that day. My co-writer, Bruce Wallace, and I were just chatting that morning about life in general, and something I said sparked the idea. It just kinda came out at that point.

AH: What was the studio session like for this song? How did the song come together there, and do you have any great studio stories for this one?

GS: The session for the song in the studio was a lot of fun. The musicians really made the song come to life. We did a live acoustic video recording for this one, and there was a really cool atmosphere for that.

AH: What kind of “vibe” were you going for with this song, musically speaking? Did it end up sounding like you imagined it might?

GS: I’m not sure there was any certain vibe that we were aiming for. It just came out the way it did. I don’t even think we had a choice. That gospel feel to it just was there.

AH: What do you think this song’s message is? What do you hope it brings to people who hear it?

GS: The song is mostly about having that partner or even a person you have a close relationship with who saves you from making stupid mistakes, or lifts you up when you need it. People need each other to survive.

AH: Do you have a favorite aspect of the song — either a favorite lyric line or a favorite musical moment? What makes it a favorite?

GF: Probably the fact it came out so easily is my favorite part. Didn’t have to fight it. There’s always something special about those type of songs to me.

AH: What’s coming up next for you once the single comes out this week?

GF: We have some road shows lined up here and there, and definitely more writing and recording. Yeah man!

Thanks for talking with us George.  Check out this song.  Shingleton has a rich baritone full of love and comfort, and this song offers hope in strongly expressive vicissitudes. “She keeps me alive.”  Wow.  You can pre-order the music here:

Find tour dates and more information here:


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