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New Songs on the Road Map – September 2022

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New Songs on the Road Map — September 2022

Here’s a monthly roundup of only a small handful of the very beautiful and interesting new songs that crossed our path over the past weeks:

Robert Connely Farr — “Lefty”  A protege and friend of Jimmy “Duck” Holmes, Farr creates great grooves, and his latest is just so worth it.  Click play & buy it.   


Moon Shine “The Promise” — This one is sliding and sorrowful, and just gives us the good chills.  Heard of them?  You need to. 

Roger Street Friedman, “Love Hope Trust” — Friedman’s new rockin’ project with Larry Campbell is already a thrill.  Don’t miss it.  

Rosanne Baker Thornley “Sorry I’m Late” — this is a gripping stroll through an awareness of the passage of time and the shocked amazement at the speed with which it all flies.  Her vocals will also draw you waaaaay in. 

David Arn “Watershed” — This one brings you to the heart of reflection, hushed and inviting you to germinate your thoughts down by the watershed.  Enjoy!

Mike Mangione “Anastasia” — This one is lovely layers of Americana beauty.  Violins, acoustic strings, a touch of pedal steel – just a treat.  

Racyne Parker “Here in the Middle” — This is more of a pop country song with a gritty edge.  Gentle and contemporary.  

New Songs on the Road Map — September 2022


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