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Song Premiere: Sam Platts “Seven Times A Day”

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Americana Highways is hosting this premiere of Sam Platts and the Plainsmen’s song “Seven Times  A Day,” from their forthcoming album West Side.  West Side is due out December 2. The album was recorded at Peak Recording by Gil Stober and also recorded at House of Emmett by Bill Dwyer.  It was produced by Bill Dwyer and mixed by Eric Ambel at Cowboy Technical Services. Mastering was by Richard Dodd.

“Seven Times A Day” is Sam Platts on vocals and archtop rhythm guitar; Lilly Platts on violin; J Kane on bass and harmony vocals; Bill Dwyer on electric guitar and vocal arrangements; and Paul Marshall on harmony vocals and vocal arrangements.

This song is retro classic country in style with a timeless message — after all, how many times a day do you go crazy for the one you love?   The latest album by the band IS old-time country, and pleasantly so.

This song was heavily inspired by Willie Nelson’s early writing style. It was written a long time ago, and we’re excited that it’s finally made it onto a record.

We spent many years trying to figure out exactly what this band should be…it used to be a lot more electric, had drums, etc…which is why it’s been several years since our last proper release. We were finally able to get the right team together during the pandemic, and we knew the songs were ready. People have been asking us for what seems like an eternity when we would have a new record out, but we weren’t willing to just throw something together for the sake of it. We wanted to do it right and capture the energy of our live shows, not over-producing anything and maintaining an authentic vibe throughout. We love the old country and western swing records (like Bob Wills, etc.) that were tracked with everyone right there in the room together, and wanted to take the same approach to our recording. We’re proud of what we’ve done with West Side, and we couldn’t be happier to finally get it out in the world. — Sam and Lilly Platts

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