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Video Premiere: Cynthia Hamar “Light A Fire”

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Cynthia Hamar — “Light A Fire”

Cynthia Hamar

Americana Highways is hosting this video premiere of Cynthia Hamar’s song “Light A Fire,” from her forthcoming EP Joint & Marrow, slated for release on Sept. 23 via Canada’s New Moon Records. The album was produced by Paul Johnston at OCL Studios in Calgary, Alberta.

“Light A Fire” is Cynthia Hamar on vocals and guitar; Joel Schwartz on guitar; Paul Johnston on bass; Chris Andrew on keyboards; Jamie Cooper on drums; and Zadok Hamar on backing vocals.

The video was directed by Korban Hamar. Cynthia Hamar has a unique vocal quality that invites you into the depths of reflective solitude, and this song highlights that feature quite nicely.  With lines like: “What was that you said / how’d you raise the dead / I need a bit of reviving,” the songwriting reveals its nurturing elements. And the video of Cynthia on a hike, near waterfalls, brings the rejuvenation of self-reflection into visual focus for the audience.  Well done.

I wrote “Light A Fire” feeling extremely burnt out struggling with ambition. I was thinking how a tiny spark can set a whole forest on fire and I wrote the melody attempting to kindle some fresh creative joy inside me.” – Cynthia Hamar

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