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Video Premiere: San Fermin “Your Ghost”

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San Fermin — “Your Ghost”

Americana Highways brings you this premiere of San Fermin’s song “Your Ghost,” the title track from their forthcoming EP.  Your Ghost was produced by Allen Tate; engineered by Allen Tate and Tyler McDiarmid; mixed by Lars Stalfors; and mastered by Pete Lyman. It was recorded at Better Company Studios

Musicians on the EP are Allen Tate on vocals; Claire Wellin on vocals; Aki Ishiguro on guitar and vocals; Tyler McDiarmid on guitar; John Brandon on trumpet; Stephen Chen on saxophone; Michael Hanf on drums; and Ellis Ludwig-Leone on piano and additional percussion.

San Fermin provides a beat you can skip to when you’re admitting you talk to memories and ghosts. When something doesn’t quite fit, when you’re wrapped up in nostalgia but dimly recognize that it’s all in your own head, turn on San Fermin’s latest.

I was noticing that when someone’s gone, their absence can take on a life of its own and become a presence in itself. You go through your day thinking about this person, what they would say in certain situations, how they would act. Their absence takes on all these personality traits that are more of a reflection of your feelings about them (and their absence) than the actual person. – Ellis Ludwig-Leone

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