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Song Premiere: Stephen Jacques “Point Reyes Farm”

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Stephen Jacques

Americana Highways brings you this premiere of Stephen Jacques’ song “Point Reyes Farm,” from his forthcoming album Send Them Love.  Send Them Love was produced and mixed by John Morand, recorded at Sound of Music Studios in Richmond, Virginia. Mastering of the record is courtesy of Alan Weatherhead.

Musicians on  “Point Reyes Farm” are Stephen Jacques on vocals and guitar; Alan Weatherhead on pedal steel and guitar; Jordan Tarrant on guitar; Stuart Gunter on drums; and  Doc Thomas on bass.  This song is love under the covers on a rainy day, as it traces the winding path we all must take in easy style..

“Point Reyes Farm” is a soothing stroll through the windswept seaside banks of California, amidst farms, barns and an array of livestock sauntering about the salty romantic coastline. The background canvass here being a love song with its onset depicting a rainy night together, and one which delineates the give and take and tensions in the early stages of love; and often a lonely walk or feeling of a dark tunnel, to find the right fit in one’s life. The unavoidable center everyone must walk through in seeking or achieving some sort of honesty in the attraction. Or establishing a common reference point to work from. And there are no guarantees! Love is hard. — Stephen Jacques

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