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REVIEW: KT Tunstall “Nut”


KT Tunstall – Nut

This album gets off to a rollicking good start with “Out of Touch,” with its energetic, propulsive beat & tons of dynamics to surround KT Tunstall’s sumptuous vocals. It has all the necessary pop eccentricities to go mainstream & retain its identity with lots of inventiveness.

Songs tease with danceable energy & keep the commercial silliness in check. “I Am the Pilot,” is like this – it’s likable to ears that may like the flirtation with repetitiveness, the infectious dance beats & creative effects. KT’s vocals are layered over a Kate Bush-Jane Siberry manner & this gives it all lift – it’s like the first time you put pop rocks on your tongue.

The majority of the songs were produced by Martin Terefe (bass-acoustic guitar-electric guitar-synths-piano-backing vocals-percussion-keys-vocoder-mellotron) for KT’s Nut (Drops Sept 9-Blue Elan Records) a 9-cut, 35-minute collection.

Tunstall (acoustic guitar-bass-synths-electric guitar) was never a mindless singer-songwriter with just a groove stuck in one gear or a valium-induced vocalist with angst & dour melancholy type songs. Instead, she gives us great tunes – “Three,” has lyrically reliance on Joan Armatrading’s simple, intense, yet persuasive tone. Lovely stuff.

KT Tunstall

It happens again with the jazzier “Canyons.” KT was always one of the 3-female vocalists I treasured. Along with Jewel & Joan Osborne, KT projected the objectivity & slickness of excellent singer-songwriters who explored areas alien to most artists. Her percussive accompaniment on “Private Eyes,” percolates throughout as she lays out her lyrics rhythmically slick & fast. “Synapse,” follows & kicks hard with the percussion again. Exciting.

“Dear Shadow,” is bracing. Incredibly good. I would’ve liked more of the backing vocals to be focused only because they bridge the verses nicely for KT. The first verses have the most colorful of these bridges just prior to the words “on the wall I was 10…” Very well put together. KT sings with skill throughout her new set – scintillating, free of restraints & she goes deep.

Musicians – Kevin Cormack (bass-synth-keys), Jimmy Hogarth (programming, synth, electric guitar, percussion), Nikolaj Torp (PCM synth/keys/sequencer drums), Andy Burrows (drums/percussion), Johnny Lynch (drums), George Murphy (electric guitar/programming/percussion/piano/backing vocals), Liam Howe & Clem Cherry (programming), Oliver Roman (acoustic guitar) & Solomon Dorsey (bass).

Highlights – “Dear Shadow,” “Demigod,” “All The Time”

Nice lyrical insert & the packaging is a colorful 6-panel die-cut piece. Nothing gives any indication why the CD is called “Nut.”

Cover for Canyons single – Courtesy of KT’s website. CD @ https://www.kttunstall.com/

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