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Song Premiere: The Feelings Parade “A Lot to Hold”

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The Feelings Parade — “A Lot to Hold”

Americana Highways brings you this premiere of the Feelings Parade’s song “A Lot To Hold,” due to be available on July 27.  It’s a song from their forthcoming album Let It Move You, due out Aug 19. The album was produced by Scott Ferreter and Morgan Bolender; mixed by Eric “EO” Oberthaler ( interludes mixed by Scott Ferreter); with full band sessions engineered by Maryam Qudus and
vocals and additional guitars engineered by David Jacobs-Strain.  Other arrangement credits to be found on the album cover.  It was mastered by Adam Gonsalves at Telegraph Mastering.

Musicians on “A Lot To Hold” are Morgan Bolender on vocals;  Scott Ferreter on vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, synth, and electric bass;  David Lipps on aux percussion; Yousef Al-Shomaimri on electric bass; Mazin Jamal on congas;  Rob Gibboni on rhodes and wurlitzer, and soprano sax;
Stevie Swatkins on hammond organ; Graham Patzner on violin; Kendra McKinley on vocal harmonies;
Cassandra Lewis on vocal harmonies and vocal solo; Reese Bullen on drums; Jamie Shadowlight: on violin; Jordon Jo on electric guitar delay; and Matt Goff on aux percussion.

Get yourself comfortable and be ready for layers of musical appeal and lyrical depth on The Feelings Parade’s latest project.  Is pain here to teach us a lesson on love?  They offer this gem of significance:

The pain in your heart
That’s the truth/ Breaking through
That’s the truth/ Breaking through
Will you stomp it down
Or let it move you?

You’ll find a cathartic rush of release at the song.

In discussing the album title tied to the song, they said, “These days, it’s becoming more and more rare that people make room for music to really move them. The album title is a line that comes from our song, ‘A Lot To Hold,’ when we were trying to describe the pain of living in this modern world with the lyrics that read: the pain in your heart, that’s the truth moving through. Will you stomp it down, or let it move you?; The song feels like the thesis of the album.”

We were having a really rough day on the anniversary of Scott’s dad’s death, and found ourselves sitting on a cliff overlooking the Pacific ocean. Morgan proposed that we write a song naming all of the bullshit that makes it so hard to be human. This song was our attempt to unflinchingly look into the eyes of the beast.

The cacophonous vocal-and-sax-solo-at-the-same-time moment was probably the hardest thing on the entire record to get right. We’d been aiming for that ever since we first started playing the song live, and it was literally the last thing that we were able to get right on the entire record, after an obscene amount of work. Finally getting those two to coexist in the right amount of uncomfortable dissonance and harmony meant that the record was done.

For both the sax solo and the vocal solo, it was really intense to try to convey the depth of the pain that we wanted to express. Both Cassandra Lewis (vocal solo) and Rob Gibboni (sax), broke our hearts with what they played. — The Feelings Parade

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