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Song and Video Premiere: The Flycatchers “Marigold”

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Americana Highways is hosting this video premiere of the Flycatchers’ song “Marigold,” from their forthcoming album Letters, due to be released later this year.  “Marigold,” the song, is available now, and was produced and engineered by Wes Sharon and Colton Jean; mixed by Colton Jean; and mastered by Raelynn Janicke.

Musicians on “Marigold” are song composer Chris Jones on guitar and vocals; Wes Sharon on bass; Isaac Stalling on guitar; Ken Pomeroy on vocals; Jake Lynn on drums; John Calvin on keys; Johnny Manchild on synths; and Dan Walker on organ.

With a bright indie beat, this song chronicles the resilience of the human spirit.  “Shoot me down, pick me up and bring me back,” and then “shoot me down, shoot me down, maybe it’ll numb the pain.” Jones taps into the brutally hard knocks of modern life, and the cycles it pulls us through over and over, as we struggle just to accept them  Try this band, check out the song and see.

At the beginning of the pandemic, I spent most of  my time writing in an empty bedroom. We lost the shows, I lost my job, and just moved into a new house. Nothing but my mattress on the floor. I didn’t even have a drivable vehicle. It was like starting over, as if I’d been sent crashing back to reality, in a painful way.  Marigold came pretty quickly, almost all at once. It was my way of venting and processing the chaos and uncertainty.  It was also a way of realizing my lack of gratitude. That’s a common theme with this record. Processing. Learning. Recovering — Chris Jones

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