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REVIEW: Chain of Lakes “Catch”


Chain of Lakes (aka Kyle Rasche) has a new album out, The Catch Album.  The album was produced and engineered by Josh Kaufman at Local Legend Recording in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

“Fatherhaus” — “you’ll see a full grown man with his heart on his sleeve … making songs to sing another one … I see my father’s son” is a flowing song with pedal steel about the love of music passed through a generation.

“The Wedding Singer” pays tribute to weddings, paying gigs, and the disillusion with human relationships and making ends meet as a performer. The snappy snare on this one marches us through the tension of the lyrics intent.

“Catch” is a real tear-jerker and the heart of the songwriting, and, you might say, the heart of Kyle Rasche’s songwriting.  “You can’t just send a kid a mitt… go get it, I’ll show you how.”  Anyone who has committed to raising a child will feel this one — the experiences are all of it.  Playing catch.

“Monsters” is “all the monsters I meet seem to be absurd versions of me,” is a complex look at what it means to be an individual, and with high vocals and gentle harmonies.

“Home State” is a pretty nostalgic song about the sense of place that makes a neighborhood, an area, a home state.

“Nicotine” is a loving song about the family memories that can attach to smoking, making it so much more complex than just the rolled tobacco and filter of its essence.

Mighty might smart Marie is a story of a woman breaking barriers on her own in “Brave Marie.”   Then “Honest” is a song about a wily young girl child, with a strong wildfire spirit and watching her grow up way too fast, jammin’ with Dad in the mini van, with gentle acoustic guitar and easy.

“Wildest Dreams” asks with an open heart what we dream of in a live we love: “show me the you that you see in your wildest dreams.”

Three songs from this album (“Brave Marie,” ‘Catch” and “Honest”) have been selected by the Kerrville Folk Festival.  Kyle Rasche, publishing as Chain of Lakes, is a rapidly blossoming, already honed songwriter that you need to catch.  His songs about family will stir your soul and are a welcome change-up from the usual fare.

Musicians on the album are Kyle Rasche; Sav Buist & Katie Larson (The Accidentals), David Vandervelde (Father John Misty), Theo Ndawallie II (Vox Vidora), & David Beeman (Old Lights, Beth Bombara).

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