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Song Premiere: Reece Sullivan “I Am A Good Man”

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Americana Highways presents this premiere of Reece Sullivan’s song “I Am A Good Man,” from his forthcoming album Arkansas, due to be available on August 5. The song will be available on July 8.  The album was produced by Reece Sullivan, with engineering by Darian Stribling, mixing by JD Winter, and mastering by Aaron Thomas.

“I Am A Good Man” is Jim McGee on electric guitar and vocals; Rafael Gayol on drums; Arisia Gilmore in French horn; and Josh LeBlanc on trumpets.  Sullivan’s songwriting identifies the balance within all of us — good people who’ve done some bad things.  Maybe some are more in balance than other.  But, there’s always hope of redemption.  The music is swaggery and bluesy.

Though I originally thought the song was written out of craft for craft sake, that’s probably not accurate. Even when we think we are creating in the most fictional sense, the fruit we bear whether sweet or sour is a reflection . . . a fractal of the self. With ‘I’m a Good Man,’ there is the personal element of my own struggles ‘to walk the line’ – and that as a common truth – but channeled through a more grandiose character or, you could say, the rebellious struggles of the artist archetype. — Reece Sullivan

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