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Video Premiere: Martha Spencer “Enchantress”

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Americana Highways is hosting this premiere of Martha Spencer’s song “Enchantress,” from her forthcoming album Wonderland, due to be available in the fall.  Wonderland was recorded, mixed and engineered by Wesley Easter at Eastwood Studios in Cana, Virginia and produced by Wesley Easter and Martha Spencer.

The track features Martha Spencer on guitar and lead vocals, Kyle Dean Smith on cello banjo, and Joel Savoy on octave fiddle.

Shot in Sparta, North Carolina by Jake Dwyer of Shape Studios, the video features Martha as the Enchantress as she lures her victim (played by Mason Winfree) into a trance leaving him stranded on a nearby island. Kyle Dean Smith plays the narrator, introducing the song at the beginning and summarizing at end of the video. Beguiling as a charm cast in the wind, Martha Spencer spins songs of timeless woods-dwelling folk.  This song will linger around you for good long while like the atmosphere of a cool morning fog.  The video brings the idea to life, with the enchanted one wading, mesmerized and bewitched, across the stream to a twisted fate courtesy of the woodland nymph.

I wrote this song around a few Halloweens ago; it’s a song with a bit of playfulness meeting the mysterious. I sometimes like to watch old horror movies, The Twilight Zone, and hear ghost stories. The lyrics popped into my mind on a drive, and I called my pal, Kyle Dean, and asked what chords I was singing, and then the song sort of came into being. I wanted to create a sound into the mystical – of what is really there and what is a mirage. I also wanted to emphasize and push forward songs that featured strong, powerful women throughout the album, countering some of the old English ballad themes of women being driven to an early grave because of men. — Martha Spencer

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