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REVIEW: Laura Sumner “Red Clay Blue Sky”


Laura Sumner has a new EP available, Red Clay Blue Sky.  The EP was produced by Marc Swersky;  engineered by Chris Gold and Sam Enright; mixed by Seth Von Paulus; and mastered by Leon Zervos.

Musicians on Red Clay Blue Sky are Santo Rizollo on drums; Vin Landolfi on electric guitar; Alex Eckhardt on electric and upright bass: Alan Markley on keyboards;  Marc Swersky on acoustic guitar and percussion; and Laura Sumner on vocals.

“Cowboy From Queens” launches the album amidst a transition from front porch swings to a transition to Queens, and relationship that didn’t last long.  Spoiler alert — “Now the sun is rising on my empty bed.”  “Tides” adds piano and a thoughtful touch as Sumner reconsiders a more innocent time.

“Telling Georgia Goodbye,” is another song of departure and saying goodbye to a kind soul.  A touch of flute with the electric guitar is nice on this one. Sumner’s vocals really shine on this one.

“American Man” tells another story of a different kind of loss — the fear that drops when a layoff from a job you really need takes place. “My Mother and Me” rounds out the EP with thoughtful reflection.  Seagulls circling, her red nails, and images of childhood.  “Don’t go in too deep.”

About the project, Sumner told Americana Highways: “What’s exciting to me about these songs is that there were zero expectations. When myself, the producer, and the band got together for the first time, no one said ‘make it sound like such and such an artist.’ So, the door was open for the magic to happen.”

Laura Sumner has crafted a collection of songs that address both micro and macro heartaches with a strength just underneath the surface, and a rock steady band. Get ahold of the EP here: . All tracks were recorded at Sound On Sound Studio.

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