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Song Premiere: Amy Martin “Antebellum Town”

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Americana Highways is hosting this premiere of Amy Martin’s song “Antebellum Town,” from her forthcoming album due out later this year.  The album was produced, recorded and mixed by GRAMMY award winning artist Chance McCoy, formerly of Old Crow Medicine Show. The song will be available on June 3rd on all streaming platforms.

“Antebellum Town” is Martin on vocals and guitar; Austin Shifflett on harmonica; and Chance McCoy on guitar. Amy Martin doesn’t soften the message here of frustration and the sense that enough is enough, with racism and other twisted elements as as the song soars with anthemic power. How are you faring? “Are you holding up or breaking down?” “The sun don’t rise here anymore. It’s quitting time and I’m out the door.” This song is empowering in its message of walking away and closing the door behind you on things that don’t seem to change.

I wrote this song in response to the storming of the Capitol on Jan 6, 2021. I was still living in Virginia at the time, a place where racism is very much alive & is often masked as “heritage.” I was living just outside of Charlottesville & was enraged by the hypocrisy of some of the people & their politics. So, seeing a confederate flag in the Capitol building that day was a final straw– I immediately picked up my guitar and let the frustrations of the past 20 years from growing up in the area write the song. A good friend put it best when he first listened to “Antebellum Town” and said “oh shit, you finally snapped.” — Amy Martin

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