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REVIEW: Edie Carey “The Veil”


Edie Carey – The Veil

This was an intriguing package with its dark photography & 12-page stitched color insert with lyrics. No money was spared & it sounds great.

There’s a shadowy benevolent vocal style to Colorado’s Edie Carey. It isn’t gloomy, it just drifts like grey smoke in an amber-lit room with candles. It brings atmosphere. Somewhat cast in the same mold as Bird York. This is at times a pastel cocktail-lounge jazz on the edge of a cliff overlooking oblivion. Tonight, Edie Carey says, “drinks are on me.” And everyone smiles. Oblivion be damned.

Edie Carey

They say Ms. Carey (acoustic guitar/piano) is folk/Americana but I beg to differ. She possesses the dark-cabaret beauty of Brecht-Weill, the foundation of Edith Piaf — but on Edie’s own terms. Her smoky expressive & at times breathy voice invades earphones or earbuds – her voice will startle you with how close her presence can get inside your head. This is quite good. Different.

It has its own musical identity despite borrowing from the past. The 12-cut, 48-minute CD The Veil (Drops June 3–Independent). Produced smartly by Scott Wiley & June Audio it’s an impressive showcase. It has individuality, & class with well-written songs.

It’s music that takes you somewhere.

This is ½ talent & ½ brilliance with a musical destination clearly inspiring. This is Ms. Carey’s 11th CD. Sshh – the major labels must be sleeping.

It’s seldom I can get through an entire CD & not get weary. That isn’t a symptom here. Not in the least. Everything works, the singer, the producer, the band, the songs. If I were a studio musician I’d want to be part of this kind of session.

12 pieces all worth hearing more than once. Serious compositions, all have a quality & attractiveness that is fleshed out by the proficient musicians & Edie. Ms. Carey says in the CD “most of all, I hope they move you.” They didn’t move me Edie — they shoved me.

Recorded at multiple studios with expertise by John Standish (piano/Rhodes), Paul Jacobsen (electric guitar/rubber-bridge acoustic guitar/acoustic guitar/piano/backing vocals), Stuart Maxfield (bass/violin/viola/electric guitar/backing vocals), Aaron Anderson (drums), Chad Truman (Hammond B3), Scott Wiley (synth/mellotron/programming/electric guitar/12-string acoustic), Megan Burtt, Sarah Sample & Rose Cousins (backing vocals), Mai Bloomfield & Cassie Olson (cello/backing vocals), Emily Brown (viola), Aaron Ashton & Rebecca Moench (violins), Sam Cardon (Hammond B3/Dolceola), Stuart Wheeler (string arrangements) & Ryan Tilby (Upright bass).

“I need the echo of my own four walls…” Lots of optimism, strength in the performance, enthusiasm – it’s one of the best CDs of the year for me.

Color image by Steve Willis. CD available @ Bandcamp + https://ediecarey.com/

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