Steve Dunn

REVIEW: Steve Dunn “Last Call”


Steve Dunn just released an album Last Call. Last Call was engineered, produced, and mastered by Tracy Walton, and recorded at On Deck Sound Studio in Northfield, Connecticut, with Beans The Cat as assistant engineer.  All songs on the album were written by Steve Dunn.

The title track opens the album with inviting pedal steel, and Steve’s authentic vocal tones, “if you see me crying … stand me up, dust me off…” is a description of “just another day” and the way our human moods vary from sorrowful lows back to hope and optimism.   “Like Me” is more of a rocker, a country rock number, with the lyrical hope of new possibilities.  

In “Fool For You,” Dunn takes the confidential tone of the lovelorn with a baseline worry about mortality. 

“Mixtape” brings the optimism and electric guitar solos to the heights of glory.  “Take me home tonight and put some sugar on me.”   “Big Hearts with Little Wings” shows Steve Dunn can be gentle, in a song you could sing to a departed loved one, “some souls were meant to fly, some us were meant to hang around.”

“We Go Together” “like Cheech and Chong” is a song for reminiscing about good, wild fun with frozen pizza and a box of wine.  

“Outside Your Window” has nice chord progressions and is an acoustic love song — “look outside your window.”  

This is a pretty, reflective, and well executed country folk album, in all the best ways that good country folk music still can be.  Thank you Mr. Dunn! 

Musicians on the album are Steve Dunn on vocals and guitar; Tracy Walton on bass, banjo, strings, and drums; Steve Peck on drums; Peter Adams on steel guitar; and Glen Nelson on keys.



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