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Song Premiere: Shanna In A Dress “MMM That’s Hot”

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Americana Highways is hosting this premiere of Shanna in a Dress’ song “MMM That’s Hot,” from her forthcoming album Robot, due to be released on May 27. Robot was produced and mixed by Megan Burtt;  engineered by John McVay; mastered by Chris Latham; and it was  recorded at Cinder Sound Studio in Longmont, Colorado.

Shanna was a winner in the Kerrville New Folk competition and winner of the Great River Folk Fest Song Competition, both in 2020.  That should be enough on its own to entice you to hit play, below.  But, be prepared for a very lighthearted, whimsical, and satirical songwriting style, which thoroughly characterizes Shanna’s style.  What’s hot?  When he remembers to feed the cat, when he has a “Dad bod.”  It’s all in fun with Shanna in a Dress.  Fun, with a serious folk rock, enjoyable celebratory musical style.

This is a fan favorite- “Mmm That’s Hot” depicts the true ways to “turn on a woman.” Tongue-in-cheek satirical lyrics demonstrate a man pitching in around the house, cooking dinner, communicating properly and putting in extra effort on the day-to-day to really light a woman’s fire. The saucy bridge delivers a great play on words that will leave you blushing. — Shanna In A Dress

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