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REVIEW: Joshua Polaschek “Love and Time”


Singer Songwriter Joshua Polaschek self-released his debut recording, Love and Time via Bandcamp back in April. Polaschek is an Americana artist hailing from Cresco, Iowa and now based in the Oklahoma City metro area. An Army vet, Polaschek moved to OKC following his service back in 2014 and embedded himself in the local music scene, absorbing inspiration and discovering his own sound. Also a very accomplished painter and artist, Josh draws inspiration for his art from his travels, service, family and friends as he continues to find his niche in this ever changing world.

There’s a definite mid-west feel to Polaschek’s songs. His voice has a smooth and powerful grit and a delivery that I find very reminiscent of Bill Morrisey at times. On Love and Time, Josh mingles humor, personal experiences, and recollections accompanied only by his warm, unique guitar style. Bluesy and folky, the album is simple, sincere and touts promise.

Standouts for me centered around “Dear Stranger” and “Stop That Train.” Polaschek indicates he has another couple album’s worth of material ready to go, so keep an eye peeled for that.

About Love and Time, Joshua Polaschek says:
“There is ALWAYS more to learn, I’m hip to that. But I can now say, with humility, I’m a fucking artist. I’m good at it, I know what I’m doing and it’s taken me a long time to figure out what I know of the balance. The current situation is ignoring my own deadlines. I’m good at that part, it blows, for now. This record was a culmination of a ton of that fear, but even heavier love.”

You can check out more about Polaschek by visiting his website here:

You can also stream and purchase Love and Time through his Bandcamp page, keeping in mind that on Fridays all Bandcamp purchases go directly to the artists.


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