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Video Premiere and Interview: Jeff Tuohy on Hudson Delta

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Americana Highways is premiering this “Originals Demo” by Jeff Tuohy along with an interview of Tuohy about his recently released album Hudson Delta and more. The album was produced by Brian Forbes and Jeff Tuohy, mixed by Brian Forbes, and mastered by Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound. The video is an exciting collection of clips of band footage focusing on four different songs from the album and captures the exciting live organic feel of Tuohy’s music.

Musicians on the video are Jeff Tuohy on vocals and acoustic guitar; Dan Asher and Drew McKeon on backing vocals; Dan Asher and John Menona on bass; Paul Amorese, Drew McKeon, and Mike Nappi on drums; Jeremy Goldsmith and Eric Ieraci on electric guitars; Dave Archer on keys; Cameron Mitchell on pedal steel and Amy Blaze on percussion. Also, Jonny B on baritone sax; Rob Somerville on tenor sax;  Rob Volo on trombone; and Josh Bruneau on trumpet.

The video was produced by Powerstation Events with Grady Hearn editing and directing; John Roper on audio and Dylan Demers Creative on VT camera.

The songs on this video are:

“Bourbon Street”
“Lay Your Body Down”
“Drunk Twice Today”
“All My Friends Are Getting Married (I’m Just Getting Stoned)”

We had a chance to chat with Jeff Tuohy about this project.  The video appears just beneath the interview.

Americana Highways:  Your sound is so eclectic but you managed to nail it down with your album Hudson Delta. Where did that term originate?  

Jeff Tuohy: Thanks! I came up with it on a treadmill at the gym in 2019 while  contemplating defining my sound. It was flattering being called a  “musical chameleon” by journalists, but potential listeners usually want  a succinct answer.  

The release landed during the Delta variant’s prevalence. I debated a change, but kept it hoping my music would outlast the strand. It looks  like it did… 

AH: Do you consider the “Hudson Delta” to be more of a place, a  genre, or something else?  

JT: Hudson Delta is a genre influenced by a city full of experiences. It’s  catching a buzz on Bleecker while listening to The Black Crowes before seeing Brad Mehldau at The Village Vanguard, or watching a bluegrass band at Cowgirl Seahorse in the Seaport before closing the night at  Triona’s on Sullivan with Prince on the speakers.  

I’ve heard the music referred to as “Skyscraper Americana,” as well. It  has southern influences, but was curated playing late nights in the  Manhattan bar scene and performing in music theater productions.  

Americana is often associated with alt-country and folk, but for me, it’s  about capturing the American experience, which is diverse by nature. I  don’t rule out influences, and New York City is a perfect place to be  exposed to multiple cultures.  

AH: Do you have a favorite track on the album?  

JT: It changes depending on my mood.  

The three singles: “The Devil’s In New Orleans,” “Old Roads,” and  “Murder In A Dancehall” best represent Hudson Delta’s diversity, but I’m  proud of each song equally from start to finish.  

My favorites at the moment are: 

“All My Friends Are Getting Married (I’m Just Getting Stoned)”  

A country song for travelers, hikers, surfers, dream chasers, and recent  graduates feeling the pressure to get a job, save for retirement, get  married, and have children by the time they’re 30.  

“Hear Me Out”  

Brian Forbes pulled this song out of adult contemporary/smooth jazz  and into a Shuggy Otis-influenced track. I was congested the evening  we tackled singing, but my head voice felt strong. Prince is the  soundtrack to my New York City experience, so I gave falsetto a shot.  

AH: What was the recording process like for this album? How was it  working with Brian Forbes?  

JT: Songs are like wine- some are ready to drink in a year, others take a  decade to mature. I’m not someone who says, “That’s ‘good enough.’” I  try to see a vision through to its highest potential, which means it can  take a bit longer.  

Hudson Delta is a conglomeration of “demos” dating back to 2013 and  “fresh” recordings from Braund Studios in Brooklyn, NY. Fortunately,  with high caliber players and engineers like Brian Forbes and John  Roper, nothing sounds like a “demo.” It sounds like a record in the  making. 

Brian is a triple threat because he has great ideas as a co-producer and  is a talented musician and proficient engineer. He consistently  encouraged me to get out of my head and chase the moment while he  “kept an ear on the vision” of the album. Hudson Delta wouldn’t sound  like it does without his contributions.  

AH: What’s your favorite instrument to pick up and play right now?  What’s your go-to instrument for songwriting?  

JT: Most ideas occur while doing something mindless like walking to the subway or mowing the lawn. Then, I take the ideas to an instrument.  

The majority of the songs since high school were written on my Taylor  412-CE with occasional composition on a Yamaha upright piano. 

AH: Are you planning on touring this record? Where would you most  like to play?  

JT: Yes, absolutely. The plan is to tour Hudson Delta this Fall. We love  traveling this country, so we’re open to playing anywhere. At the  moment, the Northeast, West Coast, Nashville, Chicago, and Phoenix  seem most likely.  

In the meantime, there are New England dates listed on  for Spring/Summer while we start a new album featuring some existing  recordings that weren’t right for Hudson Delta. 

AH: Tell us more about this video of demos.

JT: I tend to develop songs in rehearsal and live as opposed to home demos. It gives them a chance to breathe and be influenced by the amazing musicians with whom I’m lucky enough to play. These clips are a snap shot into that world prior to Hudson Delta‘s release.

Thanks for chatting with us Jeff.  Find more of his music, info and tour dates here.

Enjoy this video of raw energetic  footage in various contexts– glorious tent-like settings, on stages, outside in the wind — but always with the same power.  Savor a glimpse of the inner heart & soul of Jeff Tuohy, his songwriting, and his new album, Hudson Delta.  You’ll find confession, rock, catharsis, and the reasons we are all drawn to music in the first place, all rolled into this series of demos:





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