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Song Premiere: Corner House “South of the City”

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Corner House — “South of the City” 

Americana Highways brings you this premiere of Corner House’s song “South of the City,” from their forthcoming album, How Beautiful It’s Been. How Beautiful It’s Been was produced by Maeve Gilchrist, and engineered and mixed by Eli Crews of Spillway Sound, West Hurley NY, with additional engineering by Ethan Setiawan, Viktor Krauss, and Jordan Perlson.  It was mastered by Dave Sinko.

Corner House is Casey Murray on cello and banjo; Ethan Hawkins on guitar and vocals; Louise Bichan on fiddle, five-string fiddle, and vocals; and Ethan Setiawan on mandolin, octave mandolin, five-string electric mandocello, and vocals.  Additional musicians on the album were Viktor Krauss on bass and  minimoog; Jordan Perlson on drums; Maeve Gilchrist on harp; and Eli Crews on noseflute.

“When you bunk in my bed our dreams seem much sweeter, and that’s where I’ll meet her when she’s gone from me,” is the lyrical cadence of this sweet song of love and protection by Corner House.  Corner House has a sweetness running their all their music, with shiny bright lyrical brilliance as well.  

I was involved in a not so terribly healthy relationship back in 2019. This song is a celebration of all the good things about that relationship as it slowly decayed into oblivion. The ending was shaky, hence the chorus, but alas we would have hurt each other if we had continued to see one another. — Ethan Hawkins

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